Project “Active Labour Market Services” – Shumen



 Employment Agency

Contract amount (in BGN): 16,700 BGN

Implementation time: 2007        

Short Project Description:

Organizing and carrying out a qualification course “Computer Operator” with a specialty “Word processing” aimed at young people with limited financial resources to attend a training course. Project priority is 20 unemployed young people from different ethnic groups, registered in the Labour Bureau - Shumen with at least eight years education.  

All the trained people, who have passed successfully the qualification course, will also attend a motivation training “Active Behaviour at the Labour Market, Applying for Work, Presenting Yourself and Interview with the Employer” – 30 classes altogether. Eight of the people will be employed by different companies in the town.


Ø  20 unemployed young people from different ethnic groups trained for the profession “Computer Operator”;

Ø  Establishment of sustainable employment for 8 young people of the trained people;  

Ø  Improving the knowledge and the economical initiative of the target group through vocational and motivation trainings; 

Ø  Acquiring vocational skills for the profession “Computer Operator”;

Ø  Developing working habits through providing employment;

Ø  Increasing the personal motivation of the trainees, in order to be able to search for work at the labour market and to realize themselves, through participating in the motivation training;

Ø  Integrating the efforts of NGOs, public and state institutions and representatives of the private business in order to increase the sustainability of the employment among the young people from the target group in Shumen Municipality.

        When the unemployed people do not have any skills, or the skills they possess are not wanted, the most appropriate services for them are the qualification courses for acquiring skills and bringing them back at the labour market.