“Entrepreneurship – A Labour Market Participation Form”



Ministry of Labour and Social Policy PHARE Programme Grant Scheme BG2004/016-711.11.01”Human Resource Development and Promotion of Employment”

Contract amount (in BGN): 73,000 BGN

Implementation time: 2007 – 2008    

Short Project Description:  

The project “ Entrepreneurship – a labour market participation form” aims to establish new work places through fostering the unemployed people initiative activities based on new skills and knowledge, improving the entrepreneurship culture and presenting new opportunities for their realization. For the purpose there is a worked out model, consisting of an education and consultation system directed to the disadvantaged groups at the labour market. The envisaged activities are orientated towards the practical realization of their business ideas and the creation of real opportunity for self-employment. After completing the whole training course in entrepreneurship they have up to 3 weeks – time for research and analyses necessary for the preparation of a real business plan. During the research work the activity of the applicants is supported by the specialists from the Business Centre. The whole training process and the following activities end up with a developed business plan.  

Description of the provided services:

-          Working out of procedures for inside monitoring and evaluation;

-          Working out materials for project popularization and visualization;

-          Carrying out a press conference for the project popularization;

-          Tender procedures;

-          Developing a curriculum for entrepreneurship education;

-          Publishing Entrepreneurs’ Manual”;  

-          Selection of beneficiaries and forming the training groups;  

-          Furnishing the training hall for entrepreneurship;

-          Providing the necessary training appliances and materials;

-          Carrying out an introduction motivation training for 40 unemployed people;

-          Carrying out base training “Start Your Own Business” for 40 unemployed people;  

-          Carrying out a training “Assistant in a Small and Medium Enterprise” – 30 people trained;

-          Publishing a collection book “Entrepreneurship – labour market participation of disadvantaged groups”