Social Investments and Self-Employment Promotion Project (SISP)



International Labour Organization ILO

Contract amount (in BGN): 22,000 BGN

Implementation time: 2008 - 2009     

Short Project Description:  

To build working partnerships among different institutions and organizations from Shumen District in order to support unemployed people, willing to start their own business. These organizations are Shumen Municipality, Hitrino Municipality, Veliki Preslav Municipality, Labour Bureau Directorate – Shumen, Labour Bureau – Veliki Preslav, Democratic Association “I Want to Know”, Foundation “Beginnings” and Agribusiness Centre/Business Incubator – Shumen”.

Setting up an Entrepreneurship Council”. The council has a meeting once per three months to review the achieved progress under the project, to discuss problems, to solve problems and difficulties and to make strategic decisions relevant to operative aspects during the project implementation.  

Within the project three trainings “Start your own business” for 30 unemployed people from Hitrino Municipality, Veliki Preslav Municipality and Shumen Municipality were held. Three people registered their own companies and started own business activity. They receive professional consultations and advice concerning their business management.

A part of this project was the work visit in Paris, France in January 2009. The purpose of the visit was good practices and experience exchange with the micro crediting institutions working there.