Projects “Helping Hand”



Open Society Institute - Sofia        

Contract amount (in BGN): 14,133 BGN

Implementation time: 2002

Short Project Description:

Project “Helping Hand” is aimed at encouraging the social integration of disabled people through creating opportunities for employment in an integrated working environment. The project target is to support entrepreneurship of disabled people and to provide assistance to start their own business in the field of craftsmanship.  

Description of the provided services:

·         Twenty people have been trained under the programmes “Start Your Own Business”, computer literacy and work with the Internet;

·         Ten of the people have been trained to form practical skills for production of craft goods;

·         ABC provides working place in the Business Incubator to five women from the target group, the ones who show the biggest entrepreneurship potential and will to establish their own small company.

·         In January, 2003 they started producing various souvenirs as well as children boutique clothes and accessories;

·         All the necessary machines have been rented and the materials needed for the production have been purchased with funds under the project.

·         ABC supports the newly started business by assisting for the realization of the goods – in the cities, in Tradition Shops – Sofia, through the Business Centre networks throughout the country; ABC organizes the advertisement of the activity – publications in the press, interviews with the participants in the project, organizes a fashion review, issues an advertisement catalogue.