Project “Urbanization and Social Development of Areas with Predominant Minority Population”



National Council on Ethnic and Demographic Issues    

Contract Amount (in BGN): 17,000 BGN

Implementation time: 2004 – 2006

Short Project Description:

The project aims to improve the life conditions, to create employment and to foster the social integration in areas with predominant minority population. ABC/BI is responsible for the realization of the project in Venets Municipality, Shumen district. The activities aim to overcome the social isolation and poverty in this region through financial support under the leasing scheme, trainings, consultations and support to start own business.  

Description of the services provided:

  • Consultation and information services about the opportunities for financing, lease purchase of machines and equipment, different programmes and projects, grants of State Fund Agriculture, etc.
  • Development of business plans under credit guarantee fund for micro crediting and programmes of the Labour Bureau.
  • Carrying out trainings in two modules: “Create Your Own Business Idea” and “Develop Your Own Business”.  
  • Assistance for registration of agricultural producers and private companies.