Business Incubator Shumen

Business Incubator Shumen offers production premises to start-up companies or existing companies at preferential conditions and with a possibility to use a common service office covering secretarial or accounting services.

Business Incubator Shumen has at its disposal 21 production premises, a car park, business meeting hall for the tenants. Three of the premises are appropriate for small food processing companies and the rest for different production, services and offices. No premises are offered for commercial activity only.

The approval of the applicants willing to hire premises in the Business Incubator Shumen is done by a committee in which there are representatives of Agribusiness Centre, Shumen Municipality, DSK Bank, Labour Bureau Directorate Shumen and the business. After presenting all the necessary documents according to the procedures for hiring premises in the incubator the application is reviewed. For the selection of the applicant tenants the following main criteria are that matters:

  • to have an idea and worked out business plan for their development;
  • to have development potential;
  • to create new working places;
  • to be in need of the incubator support;
  • not to bother in any way the other tenants;
  • not to break the environment and the nature of the incubator.

The necessary document for applying for the Incubator can be downloaded here.

The bas rent prices for the premises in the Incubator are 4.00 BGN without VAT per square meter. The start-up companies start with a rent of 1 BGN per square meter, and the existing companies with 2 BGN per square meter, and during the second, third year the rent prices go up to 4 BGN per square meter.

The tenants also pay a rent for the common parts 0.40 BGN without VAT per square meter.

The stay in the Incubator is up to three years. It can be prolonged only for objective reasons and if the tenant does not have overdue rent or consumable payments. The prolongation of the contract is to be done with a request letter addressed to the manager of the Business Centre and the management of JOBS Project.